Daves Math 100

Daves Math 100 12.1.14

Make the numbers on the 6 disk add up to 100.

Make the numbers on the 6 disk add up to 100.

Daves Math 100 is 1 tough puzzle.

It is based on a 1911 patent by Harry c. Davidson.

All you have to do is rotate 6 rows of numbers until all of the columns add up to 100. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it?

There are 6 levels to this puzzle and each level gets progressively harder.

We’ve given you a little help by auto adding each of the columns for you as you try and solve this monster.

If you hate math then stay away from this Brain Pain.

If, on the other hand, you love math and puzzles..….Here’s Your Baby!!

Only 4mb. v.12.1.14

Daves Math 100 runs in its own window and makes a Very Small Footprint on your cpu.

You can even leave it running on your desktop or minimized while you use your computer for other things.

All of our software is written this way. Our objective is not to 'Take Over' your computer. We just want to provide puzzles in their own windows which can be manipulated by the user...move around the screen, minimize, maximize, etc.

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Daves Math 100


Daves Math 100 12.1.14

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